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    International trade is central to what we do. We are your trans-pacific bridge to China.

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    We are small but effective team of professionals. We can find solutions to problems that large organizations cannot.

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    With over a decade of experience in China we have a deep network of professionals at our clients’ disposal. People are our greatest asset.

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    We want to be your China partner for the long run. Building a solid network of trusted partners is what we are about.


  • “Hightowers Petroleum Co. takes deep pride in Promising What We Deliver, and Delivering What We Promise! As such we only choose suppliers who we are confident can deliver what they promise. We are proud to say that Tytus Internatioal is one of those partners. We highly recommend Tytus International for your China supply chain needs.”
  • “Brian was instrumental in helping us save lot of money from one of our Chinese suppliers. We found ourselves in a situation for which we had no solution and were about to give up and accept a big loss, but at the last minute we reached out to Brian to see if there was something that could be done. Brian reacted quickly, found a solution to our problem that we didn’t know existed, and saved us a lot of time and money. We whole heartedly recommend Tytus International.”
  • “Attempting a start-up is not a 9-5 job—it requires constant dedication. Brian was great to work with because we felt like he was as committed to our product succeeding as we were, which is a great characteristic to have in a strategic partner. Tytus International is a great boutique sourcing company for start-ups that need to keep their expenses low, but desire the professionalism of larger suppliers. Brian is awesome too. Highly recommended!”
  • “We knew we had the right man for the job when Brian jumped on a plane and came to meet us face to face for one of our promotional events in Los Angeles, CA. Good distributors are hard to find, but Brian had the connections with the right people in Hong Kong and China to set us up for success. Brian is the man and Tytus International is our China partner for life. Be good, Drink Evol.”
  • “Brian is a great guy and Tytus International is a great company. The trading business in China can be a nasty one. It’s good to have someone over there who you can trust and who has your company’s best interests at heart.”

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