Your Pacific Bridge to China

About Us

Tytus International is a Sino-American consulting firm which specializes in strategy development and execution for American companies that desire to go global. Our goal is to help American companies find ways to extract long term value from the Chinese market by creating cooperative relationships, identifying market opportunities, and promoting greater cultural understanding.

Here at Tytus we seek to establish long term working partnerships with our clients. Our competitive strength lies in our size and dynamism, which allows greater responsiveness and agility to solve difficult problems which larger firms cannot. We are the feet-on-the-street presence your company can use to get things done fast.

Our clients include large manufacturing firms, educational institutions, start-ups, and individual investors—we have the international vision and experience to handle almost any problem. In addition to our breadth of work experience, our extensive network of professionals allows us to add greater depth to our problem solving abilities. Tytus International can provide a complete solution for your company’s global ambitions.