Admin Help

Welcome to the Admin Help section!

Using Cornerstone

Using Plugins

Have fun exploring plugins and trying them but be warned:

  1. they slow website down
  2. they can conflict and make issues
  3. they can crash the site
  4. if site crashes, disable all plugins and enable one by one until site ok again.  you may need access files via cpanel and rename the plugins within plugin folder until plugin causing issues is discovered.  when discovered, delete the plugin issue folder and site should live again

Edit Menu

  1. go to ‘Appearance’
  2. ‘menus’
  3. load an existing menu and edit, or create new menu
  4. some existing menu items is controlled by widget (universal elements) in the ‘widgets’ area, and CSS
  5. Cannot undo menu edits after saving


Creating Articles

  1. pages are the main ‘pages’ of the website
  2. ‘posts’ are the articles

Using Slider Revolution

  1. it is a tricky tool. copy existing slider, and work on the copy version, or start with fresh one (dont work on existing good one)
  2. this is unlicensed version.  you will need pay them if you want newer version or technical support from them

Using The Theme

  1. You are using an unlicensed, yet recent version of this template (one month old)
  2. If you want the latest version, or use other features they include, or you want their technical support, you should pay the license fee direct to them
  3. DO NOT update theme without saving custom styles to child theme (i already installed child theme, but it is not active)

Using Cpanel

  1. create/edit/delete email accounts
  2. backup/restore website
  3. edit SQL
  4. cloudflare controls
  5. access website folders

Changing Global Styles

  1. go to ‘Appearance’, ‘Customize’
  2. previous styles will lost
  3. add/test custom css and js


  1. Cpanel –
  2. Admin –
  3. use usernames and passwords provided you.
  4. DO NOT attempt access several times with incorrect credentials, it may trigger security measures and block your ip.  This can easily happen unknowingly by mail clients’ auto attempts