Translating Your Needs Seamlessly


We at Tytus offer a broad range of services for our clients based on our associates’ wide ranging experience operating in China for over a decade. We’ve seen it all. From outsourcing aspects of American companies’ manufacturing, to helping them re-brand their products to meet Chinese tastes, to establishing partnerships between American and Chinese Universities, we have the expertise, experience, and networks to solve your China problems. Tytus International is your Trans-Pacific bridge.

Manufacturing & Logistics

Tytus International is your strategic supply chains solutions partner. We have contacts in key supply markets throughout China and can meet all your supply chain needs. Whether you seek lower your startup costs for prototyping and design, outsource your mass production, or seek a more efficient and cost effective logistics solution, Tytus International can help.

Sales & Marketing

Our industry relationships and deep understanding of the Chinese consumer market, combined with our bi-cultural team, can help you devise and execute a sales and marketing strategy to penetrate the China market. We have years of experience working with fortune 500 companies to help them develop their sales and marketing strategies in both B2B and B2C channels.

Each client’s product characteristics, target market, and penetration strategy is a little different. Whether your product’s specific sales strategy includes direct or indirect sales, partnering, OEM, licensing, joint venture, strategic investment, or acquisition, we will collaborate with you to choose the best way forward and execute the optimal go-to market strategy for your organization.

Educational & Cultural

Sino-American academic and cultural partnerships, study abroad programs, and joint degree programs have seen unprecedented growth in recent years. Tytus International works with American and Chinese universities to aide in identifying partners, establishing relationships, organizing student outreach events, and generally provide a window for furthering exchange between American and Chinese higher education institutions.