Sourcing Solutions

Finding Quality Suppliers

Sourcing Solutions


Dealing directly with factories on Alibaba usually leads to disappointing, low quality products, which are not what you expected or desired.
Our team of American expats will work closely with you to understand perfectly your product requirements, target costs, and lead times to ensure perfect supply chain execution.
Whether you have a 100% clear idea of what you want or need to brainstorm with us to get a clearer picture, you can be sure that we will that you are completely understood when you work with Tytus.


Finding trustworthy, high quality suppliers in China can be a very tricky process. Fortunatley, we at Tytus have been at this for a long time.

At Tytus, our employees have decades of experience working with suppliers in China. Our already extensive network of previously vetted suppliers can handle most client’s needs.

For those clients with more exotic product requirements, our sourcing managers have a keen eye for identifying Chinese suppliers who have the ability to deliver.


From material sourcing, to production monitoring, to final delivery, we are with you every step of the way.
In addition, our trusted logistics providers will ensure the journey from the factory floor to your customer’s door is as efficient and cost effective as possible.

At Tytus we have a hands-on approach to everything we do. Your product is our product, and your reputation is our reputation. You can be sure we will ensure the best possible product at the best possible price is delivered to your door.